• Louise Campbell Collage Pendant and Floor Lamp
  • Louise Campbell Collage Pendant and Floor Lamp
The Collage Lamp creates atmosphere and is at the same time changeable. The pattern which is staggered on the shades made out of three layers of acrylic gives the fixture an almost endless row of combinations of patterns. New experiences are made when shades and light come alive and changeable through the patterns. The refraction of the light is controlled - and yet still uncontrolled.

Snow white (white), heavenly blue (blue), spring green (green), hotlips (pink) or smoke screen (smoke-tinted).

Suspension: Naturally anodised aluminium.
Shades: Laser cut acrylic.

Info notes:
The colours (except for snow white) are mixed by hand. Consequently, the four coloured versions are manufactured in smaller numbers, are not stock items and therefore a longer delivery time must be accounted for. The fixture comes with an unique identification number.

Louise Campbell

Louis Poulsen