• Ferruccio Laviani Teorema Floor Lamp
An exciting new chapter in the cooperation between Foscarini and Ferruccio Laviani that, since the creation of Orbital in 1992, has led to the creation of a series of lamps/sculptures with an extremely evocative and emotional value.

With its high impact, exclusive and symbolic presence, Teorema is characterised by the overlap of planes, chrome frames that are either empty or screened by portions of metal mesh, which come together to envelope and contain the central luminous core. The apparent randomness of the overlaps gives originality and dynamism to all sides of the composition, lending it an all round plastic effect.

The lighting effect comes from the combination of two light sources: the diffused light of the central fluorescent strip, enclosed by a polycarbonate screen that makes it possible to contain and surround the technical components and to diffuse the light evenly along the entire central body, and the light reflected off the ceiling by the upper bulb.

Floor lamp
- 1x150W incandescent bulb
1x80W fluorescent strip
- diffuser: polycarbonate screen
- structure: chrome with white or coloured metal mesh portions of various gauges
- width 57cm
- depth 40 cm
- height 195 cm

Ferruccio Laviani

Foscarini Murano