• Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust PicNik
  • Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust PicNik
  • Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust PicNik
The PicNik is a table-seating combination specially created for the balcony, small surfaces, semi-public spaces, or as an indoors side piece object.

Made from half a standard, massive plate of aluminium (10 mm), PicNik behaves like a 'piece of art', while integrating itself into the surroundings. Its simplicity in design and its contemporary colours make it a must-have for the urban 'bourgeois-bohemian'.
Outdoors as well as indoors, PicNiks quiet and stylish presence makes it into a real piece of art and elegant garden furniture. The one piece double seater is a joint creation by Dirk Wynants & Xavier Lust.

Made of half a 10 mm thick standard sheet of aluminium: extremely durable and solid, makes Picnik 100 % aluminium garden furniture. Chromatising and a powder-coated finish make PicNik almost indestructible even when used as public outdoor garden and patio furniture. With a range of five standard colours all tastes are catered for.
PicNik is a table-seating combination, perfect to use at the balcony, small surfaces and semi-public spaces. PicNik creates a resting point and can offer many possibilities. When two persons are seated at the PicNik table, they find it an intimate atmosphere, because they are face to face.

PicNik is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space, but is also very practical as an additional table-seating object. For example in the living room to have a small meal, to do some work on a laptop pc, etc.

If PicNik is used outside, take care of what colour you choose. Remind that dark colours become very hot when they are exposed to the sun. So if you use PicNik on a terrace, please pick a light color.

The repetition of two or more PicNik tables, creates a lasting impression of the strength of the object's design. For example in public environments, or other bigger places, PickNik has a strong but modest appeal. Because of the slightly conical shape, PicNik tables are stackable.

W 147 cm
D 92 cm
H 74,5 cm
SH 43,5 cm

Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust