• Jean Marie Massaud Truffle
  • Jean Marie Massaud Truffle
  • Jean Marie Massaud Truffle
Full and soft forms distinguish this seat by Jean Marie Massaud. It looks like a giant sponge or, especially in the white version, a huge squashed golf ball whose indentations have been deformed under pressure.

It is proposed in a floor version in a glossy green finish or in glossy black on a metallic swivel base that gives it an unexpected lightness. This low, wide chair (110 cm in diameter, 40 cm high or 70 cm high with the base) is an important furnishing element and an informal all-purpose element for relaxation in the living room or bedroom.

It is made of thermoplastic using the rotary technique, which allows for its complex form and the possibility of having it in all the glossy finishes or opaque colors in the Porro repertoire.

Jean Marie Massaud, 2005