• Dirk Wynants DoNuts
  • Dirk Wynants DoNuts
DoNuts is a surprising table-seating combination. The inflatable seating part carries a polyester table top. When leaning against the highly ergonomic table border, you will experience the comfort of a perfect back-rest. Or when joining the table, there is plenty of space for everybody. DoNuts' seating part looks like a huge doughnut with a 1.9m diameter, allowing at least 6 persons to join the table.

DoNuts provides mobility in the garden. You move the table where you wish to use it: on the terrace, on the grass, in the sun or in the shadow. enjoy the weather, do nuts!

DoNuts is a drag & drop product. You can place it wherever you want, in a sunny spot or in the shadow. Thanks to its very light construction, DoNuts is very simple to move around. You take one leg of the table and drag the DoNuts to the place you want.

Although DoNuts is a fun object, its comfort and quality reach the same level as all other products of the Extremis family. To sit comfortably and to ensure stability, the pressure in the tube has to be 0.15 bar. You can check this with an enclosed digital tire pressure gauge. Remember that the pressure of the tube will rise when the DoNuts is used in warm weather.
When you sit on the inside of the tube, there is ample place for 6 persons. It’s also possible to sit with your legs facing the outside of course, in this case you can use on of the 3 table legs as a comfortable backrest!

D 190 cm, H 45 / 75 cm

DoNuts low table
D 190 cm, H 45 cm

Dirk Wynants