• Marco Acerbis Fly Chair
  • Marco Acerbis Fly Chair
  • Marco Acerbis Fly Chair
Design and technology join forces to create a chair that seems to float in the ethereal dimension of air: Fly. Few, well-balanced curved outline a chair that is both light-weight and sturdy, accurate and innovative.

It is characterised by components whose thickness varies in the design, adding real solidity and readily perceived formal variations. Technology employed is gas printing. The surface finishes give rise to tactile and ergonomic experiences that enhance the performances and the versatility of use of this chair: its surface, which is glossy on the back and seat, becomes opaque over the rest of the body, with a marked shift in the quality of matter and a strong sensorial effect that are clearly identified by the eye.

Elegant in the household environment, at the same time it is practical and refined for contract applications, also thanks to the antistatic properties of nylon and its stackable design.

Marco Acerbis