• Danny Venlet IceCube
  • Danny Venlet IceCube
Extremis' IceCube simply is the perfect cooler at all your parties, in- or outdoors. Its integrated lighting unit creates a real party ambiance and makes it even more attractive.

IceCube is an object that helps you to create the perfect party atmosphere. The lighting unit provides a very attractive atmosphere. But first and foremost, IceCube is meant to be the perfect cooler at your party.

You can use the IceCube both sides. There is a deep side, for larger bottles such as Champagne, wine or liquor and a shallow side for small bottles (Coke, beer, …).
To fill the IceCube, you need 25 kg of ice for the shallow side and 40 kg for the deep side.
The lighting unit includes two blue light tubes. This is perfect to use in a dark environment and by daylight.

W 150 cm
D 55 cm
H 55 cm

Danny Venlet