• Studio Vertijet Juri G Shade-Maker
  • Studio Vertijet Juri G Shade-Maker
For SKIA, the publishers for shade, Studio Vertijet designed a shade-maker that resembles a UFO. “It’s important to me,” says Knuth Hornbogen, the founder and motor of SKIA, “that the observer of a new product be reminded of something that seems familiar to him.” He adds, however, that it’s not at all important that the same associations go through every person’s head. “What’s more important is that the product conjures up images; picks up on the ‘known’ and turns it into something new �" which may be one of the noble tasks of design: the constant decoding and coding of the product language,” says the designer and journalist.

The base of the “UFO-umbrella” looks very different: A 2mm-thick stainless steel sheet is mounted on top of a heavy, 15mm-thick steel plate. The simple, star-like shape seems to belong more in a living room; could possibly be the foot of a standing lamp. With a diameter of 80cm and a weight of XY kg, it provides a certain stability. In addition, the base can be screwed to a concrete floor, wooden terrace or into the lawn with special dowels. This base was based on a request received by SKIA. “A female dealer from Berlin said to us,” Hornbogen remembers from the research phase, “even high-quality sun umbrellas give the impression of a person going to the theatre who, although elegantly and expensively-dressed, has stupidly worn shabby rubber boots on his feet.” Point taken �" SKIA willingly accepted the suggestion.

The UFO is softly-illuminated by LCD lights which keep changing color �" a very calming effect, perfect for evening-dreaming in the garden. So the umbrella looks like a scupture in the dark which is constantly transforming itself. But technology also allows you to choose and set your favorite color in the spectrum. This special lighting feature will probably be offered as an “extra.”

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