• Christoph Ingenhoven Terminal Table System
  • Christoph Ingenhoven Terminal Table System
Terminal is a height-adjustable table system: The height of the work surface can be individually adjusted, while all accessory components are fixed on the same level. As a result, when several Terminals with varying table heights are linked together, the overall visual impression remains calm and unified, especially in open plan offices. The optional elements equip the basic table for a wide variety of tasks and can be attached without the use of tools. Terminal is an ideal system for companies that place a high emphasis on functional and therefore productive workspaces, but also recognise the value of corporate culture.

In the age of modern air travel, countless people pass through the terminals of international airports every day. They check in and receive their boarding passes and flight information, while other people are arriving, connecting to different flights, waiting, shopping, dining, etc. People do this without sparing a thought to the logistics and organisation that make it possible for an airport terminal to function effectively. And that's how it should be: Travellers shouldn't have to think about airport infrastructure. They should feel comfortable and be able to pursue their activities without hindrance. A terminal should operate in the background and serve the passengers without drawing attention to itself. This was one of the basic concepts for the development of Terminal, the new Vitra table system: to provide the user with every conceivable functional feature in a desk system that facilitates a wide range of work activity.

Terminal is the ultimate pivot point for productive work. Its functional solutions are convincing: The widest variety of useful accessories can be 'docked' onto the height-adjustable table without the use of tools. In this way, the workplace can be tailored to individual tasks. And when new tasks arise, Terminal can be easily adapted to different requirements.

Modern airport terminals fulfil more than just organisational functions. A terminal is like a calling card not only of the respective airport, but also of the country in which it is located. Air passengers should feel comfortable in an airport terminal, and ideally, they should also be impressed by its aesthetic appearance. Similarly, the Terminal table system combines sophisticated technology with outstanding design.

Terminal was developed by Vitra in collaboration with Christoph Ingenhoven and first applied to a wide range of uses at Lufthansa. In an intensive, ongoing development process, countless ideas were further pursued and perfected. The needs of the airline's different operating and service areas were carefully analysed and integrated into ingenious functional features. As a result, the Terminal system already incorporates the practical experience gained from the production of 2000 table units for Lufthansa.

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