• Maarten Van Severen .07 Chair
  • Maarten Van Severen .07 Chair
With the swivel chair .07, Vitra presents one of the last designs that Maarten van Severen was able to complete before his death. It is the most significant result of van Severen's intense engagement with leather, whose visual and tactile qualities as a natural material had long appealed to the designer.

Although .07 does not deny its kinship with the chair .04 – they share the same base and armrests – it has a highly individual character. This is immediately perceptible in the noble profile of the extended backrest. Even more so, it is evident in the formal articulation of the seat and choice of materials: the plastic shell of .04 is replaced by a comfortably upholstered, flexible construction with a fine cover of high-quality calf leather. The leather upholstery uniquely combines a dignified appearance with inviting comfort. The exposed seam edges are a striking detail. They highlight the fine quality of the material as well as the contrast between the soft, silky shine of the leather surface and its textured underside. They also emphasise the precise contours of the seat which, although padded, retains a slender silhouette. The formal clarity and linear austerity achieved in this chair are distinguishing characteristics of designs by Maarten van Severen.

The chrome-plated base complements the leather upholstery of .07, thereby underlining the superior quality of the chair, while its technical and functional features remain visually unobtrusive. Due to its black powder coating, the bridge underneath the seat has an inconspicuous appearance. The bridge's integrated micro-mechanism, which has proven its performance and reliability in the .04 chair, also augments the comfort of .07.

Thanks to its functional, tactile and visual qualities, .07 lends itself to numerous applications. Restrained and yet serious and dignified, it is an optimal seating solution for offices and conference spaces in the executive sector. It is also well suited for reception areas in offices, banks, hotels and medical facilities and for the home office.

Maarten Van Severen