• Bruno Fattorini Elevenfive Shelves
  • Bruno Fattorini Elevenfive Shelves
  • Bruno Fattorini Elevenfive Shelves
A wall system which incorporates panels, cabinets and shelves. Through the combination of these different elements the system is available in many different configurations characterized by functionality and aesthetical impact. Shelves can be easily attached to the panel, which is self-supporting. Thanks to adjusting devices, a correct installation is assured even in case walls are not completely flat. The panel is pre-arranged to provide access to the wires at different points.

The shelves can be easily fixed to the panels and can bear heavy loads. Wall Panels made of MD wood fibreboards in the following finishes: matt micro goffered lacquering in white and anthracite grey; matt veneered in ash grey oak or clear oak. Clad with a natural anodized aluminium sheet.  Available lengths: 80 (intermediate and single panel only),100, and 120 cm, thickness 30 mm, always in height 216.3 cm. With adjustable feet.  Shelving units made from laminate clad with natural anodized or polished aluminium.

The shelves are 80,100,120 cm long, in two depths: 30 and 43 cm, always 11 mm thick. Cabinet with shelves made from MD 13 mm thick wood fibreboards, 100% gloss lacquered in white, black, grey, anthracite grey, red, green, yellow and orange. The cabinets always come with upper and bottom shelves from natural anodized or polished aluminium. In lengths 80,100 and 120 cm they can be: closed off with retractable drop-front door, with drawers or large drawer in depth 43 cm, closed off with retractable drop-front door only in depth 30 cm. Single cabinets are 30.1 cm high, double cabinets are 59.1 cm high. The cabinet with a large drawer is available only in height 30.1 cm.  Flush-mounted CD and DVD holders in anodized aluminium. The system is provided with a wide range of simple and very functional accessories.

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