• Jean Prouvé Rayonnage Mural Bookcase
  • Jean Prouvé Rayonnage Mural Bookcase
Small, wall-mounted bookcases, which often have a distinctive character that makes them more than just a practical storage element, have become rare in today's interiors. In the mid-twentieth century, however, a number of leading designers devoted their skills to this category of furniture. Jean Prouvé was one of them, creating several different designs for wall-mounted bookcases. Vitra's new edition is a model that was initially conceived for student housing at the École Nationale Professionnelle (E.N.P.) in Metz, dating back to the year 1936.

The most marked feature of this bookshelf is the pair of vertical wall brackets. Made out of bent sheet metal, their streamlined cross-section evokes the shape of an aeroplane wing or a ship's rudder. Wooden shelves fit perfectly into the horizontal slits of the metal brackets, which are invisibly screwed to the wall. Two notches in the lead edge of the shelves securely fix them into position, allowing them to extend beyond the brackets on either side.

A practical storage element that can be used in many different places around the home, Prouvé's wall-mounted bookcase Rayonnage mural also has the sculptural qualities of an autonomous aesthetic object. In addition to its obvious function as a storage space for books and magazines, it can be used to display a wide range of items that people want to have in their immediate surroundings – things that make a house into a home.

H 700 x W 1180 x D 250 mm

Jean Prouvé