• Bruno Fattorini Alucase
  • Bruno Fattorini Alucase
The body of Alucase is in veneered wood panels with a choice of finishes: natural American cherry or with optical white scratch-resistant micro-sphere lacquer. If the unit is in wood veneer, due to the peculiar characteristics of wood as a natural material, it can feature differences in the absorption of colour and light which may result in slight variations of tonality.

This system is composed of 3 types of storage unit: base unit, with plinth resting on the ground and adjustable small feet or without plinth on castors or bridge-stand; stackable unit, to lay on top of the base unit (with one shelf only); wall mountable unit, without plinth (except for length 160 cm).

The retractable drop-front door (with its typical compass hinge) is made of anodized aluminium framing and tempered transparent or frosted glass or anodized aluminium panel. The door guides are finished in bronze for the natural American cherry version and white for the optical white version. Thanks to a system of springs and pins, the door is self-centering and always removable. The doors open and close with a simple push-and-open pressure.

The drawers and large drawers with fronts in wood or lacquered wood have large aluminium handles for opening. The drawer bottom is in 6 mm-thick birch-veneered chipboard, polished on both sides. The sides and back, in 12 mm thick birch ply, are polished on both sides and fully-edged. The drawers are fitted with Blum Tandem guides. The drawers with aluminium frame and clear or frosted glass or with an aluminium panel have painted steel sides.

They are adjustable, with retractable guides and have 6.5 cm large anodized aluminium handles for opening. The sides, back and bottom of the drawers are painted: aluminium for the natural cherry version; optical white for the lacquered version. Fully extractable guides are available upon request.

The castors (Ø 85 mm) have aluminium finish, with or without brakes. The bridge-stand is in anodized aluminium, with a 2.5 x 2.5 cm cross-section. It is 13 cm high and is fitted with feet for height adjustment.

In the 114 and 160 cm large units, a special counterbalancing device has been fitted to give extra support to centrally-positioned loads up to a maximum of 18 kg. When various columns of this modular storage unit are placed side by side, there could be a very slight opening, though not visible. For over 5 unit high columns we advise extra fixing to the wall. The small adjustable feet allow to balance the bookcase directly from the inside. We highly recommend not to have more than 4 stackable units on castors. In the 160 cm large containers, it is advisable to add a fifth castor.

Bruno Fattorini

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