• Ben Hoek Nexus Shelving System
The system consists of anodised aluminium shelves that are supported by brackets, which can be adjusted in height. These brackets are fastened to stainless steel cables. The cables are anchored into the wall with a special bolt, as a result of which the entire cabinet is suspended from only a few points! A maximum span of 110 cm should be assumed for the shelves. The unsupported end may be no longer than 1/5 part of the length of the shelf, with a maximum of 50 cm. Anchorage should take place in concrete walls.

If this is not possible, consult first, and possibly inspect the walls. In case of brick walls a minimum wall thickness of 10 cm is required, with a minimum specific gravity of 1700 kg/m3. (Depending on the use of books for instance instead of objects).

In some situations a different division may be necessary (e.g. around a door, extra shelf in a part of the cabinet, cables at different positions than standard etc.) The combination of standard shelf lengths may also lead to different cabinet formats. In principle any situation you can imagine can be realised with Nexus. Everything that is different from standard is customised work. This will however result in a longer delivery time and an additional price, available on request.

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