• Bruno Fattorini Minima 40 and Minima 29 Pensile
  • Bruno Fattorini Minima 40 and Minima 29 Pensile
  • Bruno Fattorini Minima 40 and Minima 29 Pensile
  • Bruno Fattorini Minima 40 and Minima 29 Pensile
  • Bruno Fattorini Minima 40 and Minima 29 Pensile
  • Bruno Fattorini Minima 40 and Minima 29 Pensile
A modular wall-mounted structure in natural-finish anodized aluminium designed to solve storage problems (of books, files and ornaments with open or closed compartments) throughout the house, in the home office and in all working environments.

Thanks to special panels developed by MDF Italia research, the structure may be filled in at any point, as required, either at the ends or in the intermediate vertical frame, to form sides or backs. This allows to have open, one or two-sided storage facilities which, if desired, may run through the intermediate vertical frame.

The storage compartments may be closed off with retractable doors or drawers. Panels are always removable and can be repositioned in every module of the structure, simply by moving the screws, allowing the user to change the configuration of the storage space as desired or needed.

The possibility of using the units both back and front makes this design suitable as a room divider in both home and working environments. The end and intermediate vertical elements have pre-assembled pins and fittings.

 The structure is made from extruded anodized aluminium, section 15 x 15 mm. A special assembly system (pins plus a shelfanchoring device), endows the structure with a high load-bearing capacity and excellent stability. The shelves are composed of 2 mm thick sheets of anodized aluminium, in two usable lengths (34.3 and 70 cm.), with a depth of 29 or 40 cm, and are made to slide directly into grooves in the cross bars. For the Minima 40 special intermediate end frames (height: 84.5, 121, 157.5, 194 and 230 cm) can be requested.

They allow to make compositions of different heights one next to the other (composition arranged in ascending order). The feet allow to adjust the structure to 15 mm. In Minima 29 a steel bookend element may also be fitted directly onto the cross bars of the frames. Sides and backs may be filled with 12 mm thick panels made by combining anodized aluminium sheets with recyclable, soundabsorbing extruded plastic material.

The panels have special stepped-shaped edges made in the same plastic filler material, which function as a light-proof and dust-proof seal. The panels are always easy to assemble and remove thanks to a slide-in and lock arrangement using centering pins and invisible steel balls. The sides of the panels may be modified to obtain open compartments or modules closed with drawers or doors.

Dividing panels may be variously equipped, for example, to hold drawers on one side and an open compartment on the other, etc... DOORS: The retractable, drop-front doors, with a compass hinge, are available in: ultra-light, high-tech, recyclable anodized aluminium panelling;  4 mm thick clear or "sanded" glass; handles in extruded anodized aluminium.

Drawers with special aluminium front panels have bodies made entirely in anodized aluminium with totally extractable guides. In depth 29 cm, the drawer sides are made of steel, finished with an aluminium paint. The drawers come in sets of two or three per compartment.

Depths: 29cm and 40cm
Lengths: 34,3cm and 70cm

Minima 29 wall-mounted version:

Heights: 38cm, 74.5cm, 111cm and 147.5cm
Minima 40:

Heights: 48, 84.5, 121, 157.5, 194 and 230.5 cm

Bruno Fattorini

MDF Italia