• Björn Dahlström Index Shelving
  • Björn Dahlström Index Shelving
  • Björn Dahlström Index Shelving
The Index shelving system is to the architect what a blank piece of paper is to the writer. Björn Dahlström built the framework; the rest is up to you. Even in very small configurations, you can let your imagination flow to select the appearance of the shelving ends concerning colour and material. But an open philosophy permeates the entire Index line; today's needs are always top priority. Add to it. Take something away. Move it. Change it.

Index is based on a long list of intelligent solutions. The steel shelves, with their narrow front edges give a light impression at the same time that they provide the rare strength and stability afforded by its profiled design. The patented brackets that hold the shelves in place are worth a doctoral dissertation on their own. You use the same bracket whether the shelf is level or tilting.

One feature is the multifunction shelves: Turn them around and with a simple twist of the hand to adjust the brackets you get a sloping display shelf with edging along the front. We can already offer you a wide array of Index accessories, for every type of media. And we can already say that more functions are coming in the pipeline. Index is and shall be the ultimate in blending design quality with practical function. Always receptive to freedom of mind.

Björn Dahlström