Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
  • Olav Eldoy Peel Armchair
"When we started working with Peel, we wanted to create an elegant piece of furniture, designed to provide total relaxation. "
Olav Eldoy

The structure of the chair has been influenced by the shape and function of a falling orange peel. Its purpose is to protect its contents, to embrace them and care for them.

Peel is elegant and comfortable and offers a high degree of well-being. The chair is flexible and follows your body's movements. A double spring system allows smooth shifting between positions for perfect relaxation. Peel has 360 rotation and three distinct positions for sitting and resting.

With just a simple shift of your body weight, you can move into the next position. As Peel  has a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest, the chair will support your body properly, independent of your sitting position. An elegant footrest is designed to make it easy to remain comfortable in the chair.

You may recline without slipping forwards or backwards  the movement is in the tilting mechanism, and not between seat and back
The organic shape offers many different reclining positions inside the chair
By using the footrest, a change of position is done effortlessly
Higher footrest to ensure superb comfort in most reclined position
The footrest may be used as a provisorical "coffee table"
The neckrest may be adjusted both horisontally and vertically, thus providing different positions for reading, sleeping, watching TV, etc.
The chair is available in mirrored versions, making it an attractive pair in the hotel lobby
Suited for hotel lobbies, reception areas, or relax areas at SPA-facilities, as well as in private homes

Technical information:
Wood base: Natural beech, oak or walnut, black or mocca stained beech
Metal cross in chrome or matt chrome
A variety of fabrics, leather and colours
Optional: Fully tiltable and height adjustable neck rest

Olav Eldoy

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