• Werner Aisslinger Pure Sideboard
  • Werner Aisslinger Pure Sideboard
Unlike seating, which prefers to take the form of extroverted design objects as the centrepiece of interior architecture arrangements, container systems tend to merge in with the surrounding architecture. The pure range comes as close as possible to this ideal living situation  with an understated degree of unpretentiousness which defines the storage space as an architectural body which seems to float within the room, with its elegance finding expression in the cubic arrangement of the elements.

As with column systems, the 90 cm wide container elements are suspended between vertical intermediate panels, and with the reasonable number of system components in the range, they generate as versatile a system architecture as possible, allowing for low boards and sideboards, as well as display cabinet and shelving solutions. The independent and unmistakable appearance of pure is achieved by means of the floating 45 cm wide volumes added at the side, with these accenting the horizontal lines of the overall composition.

The straight, rhythmical carcass arrangement with no fittings or handle details to break up the image is made possible by concealed spring-loaded catches, demonstrating the absolute timelessness of pure and bringing the best out of the high-quality glass or high-gloss lacquer surfaces. pure can be extended infinitely on the horizontal plane and can be planned as a low board arrangement or a shelving wall of up to 6 height units using vertical intermediate panels of varying lengths.

The three surface variants in matt lacquer, high-gloss finishes, and glass front and covering panels enhance the design scope available in the high-end living area. Whether used as a media board for flat screen TVs and home electronics, or as a traditional sideboard or high board with an illuminated display-cabinet arrangement, with its timeless elegance and high level of functionality, pure is a sure winner.

Werner Aisslinger


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