• Antonio Citterio ACSU Sideboard Programme
  • Antonio Citterio ACSU Sideboard Programme
The Sideboard Programme ACSU (Antonio Citterio Storage Unit) is the first furniture programme of its kind to utilize powder coating for a highly refined surface finish. This environmentally friendly surface treatment uses electrostatic coating methods to apply powder lacquers to the substrate material. The result is a consistent synthetic surface that can be uniformly applied to any underlying shape, thereby creating a surprising aesthetic effect.

Useful Innovation
Thanks to this innovation, the ACSU programme offers several new advantages: Contrary to conventional storage systems, which rely on metal or plastic inlays for vulnerable components such as slide rails and handles, ACSU is not compromised by the use of mixed materials. As a result, the surfaces of ACSU appear to be moulded in a single form. The powder coating also makes it possible to select custom colors. Especially in the corporate business segment, companies can adapt their office furniture to the corporate color scheme. Even individual elements – such as doors or recessed handles – can be accented in a contrasting colour.

Evolution of the Open Space Office
The development of ACSU is an important contribution to the Net’n’Nest concept of the refined open plan office. During the past years, the open office environment has improved communication among employees – but the need for personal space and seclusion remains, and should not be neglected in the future. In this context, ACSU is a straightforward, coherent cabinet system which offers both centralized and individual options for filing and storage in the open plan office. In addition, it can serve as a room divider, providing a sense of shelter without creating an insurmountable barrier. The design of ACSU is intentionally universal, so that it can be easily combined with other Vitra products. Standardized dimensions and versions also facilitate planning and usage.

Combination Options
ACSU Sideboards are available in various heights, all of which are based on the length of a standard ring binder. The double height of a binder specifies the standard table height, while the height of three binders is equivalent to the level of a standing table. The overall proportions of the sideboards correspond to compatible table systems by Vitra. ACSU is equipped in different versions with open shelves, hanging files or sliding doors.

ACSU is manufactured from high-quality MDF with a powder coated finish over the entire surface. Almost limitless color options are available for contract business.

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