• Lepper - Schmidt - Sommerlade A 1700 Conference Table Programe
  • Lepper - Schmidt - Sommerlade A 1700 Conference Table Programe
  • Lepper - Schmidt - Sommerlade A 1700 Conference Table Programe
  • Lepper - Schmidt - Sommerlade A 1700 Conference Table Programe
  • Lepper - Schmidt - Sommerlade A 1700 Conference Table Programe
A new, transparent appearance through a lighter, thinner tabletop and a t-leg base, which is fitted with equally intelligent connection technology as the four-leg model - both new features change the effect and expand the application possibilities of the successful conference table programme A 1700.

Sophisticated details provide for smooth interaction with modern media technology. Assembly, transport and storage can be carried out without difficulty - in only a few steps. Along with the obvious design qualities such as the tabletop, which practically appears to be floating, the Lepper Schmidt Sommerlade design studio has supplied the A 1700 table system with valuable functional details.

The table has a unique design and variable combination options. The table line A 1700 can be combined with a wide variety of chairs due to its neutral elegant appearance. At the same time the line retains its individual character, a striking detail of which consists of the carved out table corners allowing full view of the legs.

No less distinctive are the elliptical aluminum table legs themselves, which are obtainable either polished or oxidized and impart high value. Numerous versions of tabletops, which are available in square, rectangular, quarter-circle, half-circle and ellipse form in diverse finishes such as stained beech, oak, maple, ash, walnut make the table programme the starting point for individual design in the conference area.

Customized table forms can even be tailored to individual customer needs, revealing the actual strength of this line. Due to the fact that the A 1700 system does not require table frames and the legs can be positioned freely, conference settings can be set up in an almost unlimited range of shapes. The table legs and the t-leg base can be easily connected to one or two tabletops using an integrated locking system.

This is all done with one simple hand movement without need for tools. This mechanism is patented and illustrates a clear sense for the changing requirements of the working world as it is intended to save both space and effort.

Numerous table top sizes and shapes allow for various different conference table constellations so spaces can be used in a flexible manner. Another economic advantage: The table tops can be easily stored and transported because they do not have any protrusive elements on the bottom side. The transport wagon, developed especially for the system, comes with a handy tool which allows for simple one-person assembly.

Functional details for daily conference needs: modern presentation equipment such as video beamers and flat screen displays have become standard equipment for conferences and meetings. The A 1700 system provides well thought-out solutions for smooth integration of conference technology. The table legs include integrated cable compartments, which can be easily opened for assembly and closed again with the slightest pressure. Horizontal cable troughs keep messy cables out of sight for conference participants.

Holes for cables in the table tops, power outlets which can be lowered, cover plates or the ability to lower presentation devices used in a media table model are all options included in this multifaceted line.