• Alfredo Häberli Nemea Sideboard
  • Alfredo Häberli Nemea Sideboard
Sideboard in three pieces, finished in white high-gloss lacquered MDF. Legs in chromium-plated steel. Two elements with doors, center element with three drawers - the middle one with "touch-latch" function. The two slide-out side elements allow for setting up the sideboard in individual widths. The width can then be fixed in given steps at the bottom of the center element.

Anyone who enjoys changes and surprises will love Nemea . This elegant, clearly structured sideboard can be pulled out in two directions. It can be extended from 1,80 metres in a number of fixed stages to 2,64 metres. This gives rise to a dynamic landscape of cubic forms reminiscent of the gorge formed between skyscrapers. There is nothing to disturb the white, gleaming calm of the surfaces: no handles, no knobs. The middle drawer is opened by pressing lightly with the fingertips.

Alfredo Häberli