• Michael Young Writing Desk
This is a free-standing writing desk with integrated drawer and concealed lighting.
It consists of a pair of ‘A’ shaped, nextel coated, die-cast aluminium legs sandwiching a wooden desk top. There is a concealed lamp in the felt ‘hood’, covering the back and top of the desk.

This hood offers a twist to the popular modern ‘exposed’ interpretations of writing desks. It provides a certain amount of privacy which when coupled with the desk’s integrated storage and lamp produces a self-sufficient, fully functioning, enclosed creative environment.
“I have always enjoyed finding a little space to try and write a letter or a postcard, it is a special moment. I like even more the idea that one might be so indulgent as to afford a spezial place to do it. This is not an object to leave against a wall more a desk to hide behind”. Michael Young.

Interesting use of materials such as felt and bakolite coupled with a conceptual twist on the traditional combine to create an original desk �" full of charm and a potential ‘friend’ for life.
Writing Desk is available with pale green legs and cardinal red felt or brown legs and canton blue felt. It will be joined in the Autumn by other size and colour options.

L1600mm x D680mm x H1150mm
Desk height 755mm

Die-cut aluminium, wood, felt, bakolite

Pale green, cardinal red, beige/canton blue

Michael Young

Michael Young