• Jehs & Laub Program 4000 Sofa
  • Jehs & Laub Program 4000 Sofa
  • Jehs & Laub Program 4000 Sofa
Clarity of form and intelligent construction are demonstrated in the Programme 4000, designed by Jehs & Laub for home or work environments. The ensemble comprises armchairs, and sofas for two to three persons. An elegantly curved, segmented wooden frame, reminiscent of a bench, forms the seating area and backrest. Bentwood elements also frame the sides of the chairs and sofas.

The elliptically- shaped open area in the backrest is an unmistakeable design feature. The attention to detail exhibited by the designers, and especially the care they have taken with the rear of the furniture, allow the 4000 programme to be placed freely in open areas. The elegantly curved wood frame is particularly attractive in large, uncluttered spaces. The Programme 4000 is particularly suitable for use alone in open areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms and reception areas, but also in domestic environments.

The use of high-quality materials and the beautiful simplicity of the design make the 4000 suitable for many different uses. Modular construction ensures variety of use: The wooden shell that forms the seating area and backrest is supported by an aluminium frame and can be produced in various lengths. Optimal comfort is achieved by cushioning and upholstering the seating area and backrest. By making use of a bentwood frame, the designers Jehs & Laub have alluded to the Bugholz tradition of the Thonet company. They began working with Thonet in 2000.

"The exploration of modern but at the same time traditional manufacturing methods, such as bending wood, is something that appeals to us in a special way," said Jürgen Laub. "At the same time, we are well aware of the fact that Thonet is more than just a furniture manufacturer. We see it as a tremendous and exciting challenge to make a contribution to their range of furniture."

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