• Jean Nouvel Skin Sofa
  • Jean Nouvel Skin Sofa
Jean Nouvel, the eclectic French architect always searching for new expressions, is responsible for SKiN, a sofa which is remarkable for its simplicity. A sculpture which is at the same time decidedly present and yet immaterial, light and compact.

The seating is suspended and the decorative elements become structural, making it surprisingly comfortable, original and delicate. SKiN adopts innovative technical ideas such as the supporting structure in tubular pretensioned steel which holds another structural element, the cover in double-sided leather with its self-modelling geometric incisions.

Technical innovation, research in design and skilled craftsmanship characterise Molteni & C’s production, and are ably summed up in SKiN, thanks to the Group’s ability to bring to life the design ideas created for the Musée du Quai Branly by Jean Nouvel, reinterpreting the unique architecture designed for the museum and making it available to a wide range of clients.

Jean Nouvel

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