• Piero Lissoni Plastics Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Plastics Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Plastics Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Plastics Sofa
Modular, soft and quality finishings are the features of "PLASTICS", a new seating system, as innovative in design as in the matching of materials and finishings. Ideal for Contract use, but fitting perfectly well into the home, too.

With the Plastics project, Kartell has developed not only a new programme of comfort seating on an industrial scale, but also a brand new design solution representing both a container for cushions and a proposal of new ideas for the combined use of different materials and finishings - soft and rigid, solid colours and transparent. The Plastics idea is simple and uses a cardinal concept that allows for the creation of many different compositions.

The fulcrum of the project is an injection moulded transparent polycarbonate container, which is exploited to perform different functions. Work surface/side table: two versions: the first is a small table in polycarbonate measuring cm 85 x 85 x h 12 on small feet. In the second version (the "opposite" to the former), the base is used with the opening upwards: a special "tray" type surface, cm 85 x 85 x h 12 on small feet, always in polycarbonate.

The same element is also used as a container for soft fabric-upholstered polyurethane cushions, presented in two different ways: Pouf: the cushion in soft polyurethane, cm 85x85x34h with a cover in a rich technical coated fabric or in a matt textile, is placed into the container of the same length and depth. The fabric cushion covers are washable and have no sewn seams, but zips to allow them to be removed easily.

In the full respect of a product with an industrial design. Armchair: the same materials and finishings are used for the armchair, consisting of two main parts - the seat and the back - with a "parallelepiped" shape - again fitting into the base container in transparent polycarbonate. In this case, the supporting base not only contributes to the elegance of the design, but also performs the structural function of containing the seating elements. With the Plastics project, therefore, this polycarbonate container is utilised for the free composition of more or less complex systems, of pouf seats and small tables.

The factor that is a particular Kartell feature is the use of this element in injection moulded plastic and also the use of technical fabrics with practical zips and no seams. A multipurpose system with an open-minded personality, characterised by great sobriety and formal elegance, offering at the same time flexibility of use and suitability to any context.

Pouf: cm 85 x 85 x 34 h
Armchair:cm 85 x 34 h seat x 63 h back x 85 depth
Tables: cm 85 x 85 x 12 h
Colours: cream, dove grey, lobster and black

Piero Lissoni