• CR Poliform Boston Senzafine Wardrobe
  • CR Poliform Boston Senzafine Wardrobe
The system Senzafine is a wardrobe system characterised by total flexibility, that can be structured satisfying every need of "containing". Different models, characterised by different aesthetic kind of doors, with a wide range of finishing, colours and materials.

A complete range of dimensions that gives a total freedom in planning. A complete range of internal equipment, designed to allow the creation of an individual order. Boston: technical characteristics Wardrobe with horizontal staved door. Columns modularity: 3 heights and 4 widths. Available openings: leaf door, sliding door.

The wide modularity, with all the special solutions, gives the possibility to Boston to suit to any architectonical situation, also the more complex. The system is equipped with different corner solutions and special elements like the end units and corner dressing units. The special solutions provide: cuts on measure in width, height and depth; horizontal and vertical filler; changes in depth.

Boston: finishing Door: oak, colours mat lacquered oak open pore Structure and inner equipment: white melamine, beech melamine, walnut melamine, oak melamine Chest of drawers, drawers and shelves (only chest of drawers front): beech, Italian walnut, oak

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