• Antonio Citterio Spoon Stool
  • Antonio Citterio Spoon Stool
Kartell's technological challenge and courage in exploring the technological world in its widest sense, have led to the Company to continuously increase and expand its experience, resulting in an ability to present profound innovations in the functions and exploitation of design furniture. But the advantage is not only in functionality. Thanks to more sophisticated technology, the aesthetics and the clean lines of the projects are not only maintained but even enhanced.

This has happened with Spoon, the revolutionary stool designed by Antonio Citterio, the slim, curved lines of which bring to mind the outline of a spoon.

The innovation of the project consists, on one hand, of the connection of the seat to the central leg by means of an elastic curve in a plastic material, able to resist the stresses and strains exerted by weight; and on the other hand, of the introduction of a handle, inside the leg, to regulate the mechanism of the gas pump.

Thus the height of the stool can be raised but the clean line of the whole is preserved. This is a real touch of class from Kartell technology, which reveals in this way great attention not only to the functionality of the design, but also to its formal elegance. Spoon is the concrete example of how industrial technology applied to the design sector can contribute to the preservation of the quality of the form, in a word: to beauty.

Thanks to the youthful line, the brilliant colours and the versatility of the material, Spoon can be used in many different contexts: home office, bars, fashionable restaurants and also in unconventional décors. Materials: mass coloured thermoplastic material for the seat, leg, foot rest and base; anodised aluminium for the central stem (visible only when raised to the maximum height).

white, black, red, orange and curry

depth. 54 x 42 L seat x h 55>75

Antonio Citterio