• Federico Correa and Alfonso Milá Cadaqués Sofa
  • Federico Correa and Alfonso Milá Cadaqués Sofa
This sofa is an L-shaped padded bench for quiet moments of rest and relaxation. Low, with no arms or large cushions, the Cadaqués is always ready for use.

Designed as a sofa for leisure hours and summer holidays in the seaside town of Cadaqués, this eminently practical piece was produced for a home designed by architects/designers Correa and Milá. A smooth surface uninterrupted by arms or large cushions, the Santa & Cole version has an L-shaped frame made by the intersection of back and seat, which can be cut to order, depending on the number of seats you wish: one, two or three.

The sofa's continuous, undulating lines invite you to laze about and let your mind wander, but it is also ideal for more formal occasions. A plain one-piece sofa, it has no cushions to shake or dust. Easy to care for, it is always impeccable, always immaculate. Its back is so straight and elegant it can be placed in a free-standing position rather than hiding it against the wall.

The Cadaqués is a comfortable sofa that never loses its identity. Its design is consistent in both the long and short versions. Its starkness is rational. It is a stripped-down, simple sofa, with no ornaments, destined for a single purpose: comfort.

It is also an informal object, a timeless design which can be used as a chaise-longue, a bed or a sofa for one or more people...

Hand-sewn upholstered armchair.
Fabric required: 5 m.
100 x 100 x H 75 cm.

Two-seater sofa.
Fabric required: 8 m.
200 x 100 x H 75 cm.

Three-seater sofa.
Fabric required: 14.5 m.
250 x 100 x H 75 cm.

Federico Correa and Alfonso Milá

Santa & Cole