• Equipo Santa and Cole La Guitarra Carpet
They borrowed Federico García Lorca's drawing of one of Cubism's favourite motifs and transposed his visual poetry to this handsome rug.

Federico often decorated letters to his friends or dedications of his books with little drawings, rough sketches in subtle colours, images laden with the symbols he had devised during the years of his friendship with Dalí and which clearly conveyed ideas or feelings. Lines and dots skillfully and knowledgeably used became new poems, new secret letters. Federico drew poetry, poetry written in symbols.

This facet of his career is becoming increasingly known and appreciated throughout the world. More than four hundred of García Lorca's drawings have been shown in exhibitions in Europe and America.

The guitar, "alma en pena de todos los amores imposibles", is a preferred Cubist motif and also symbolizes the importance of music to Federico García Lorca. Here, his line drawing takes on volume. Colour is introduced: a bright orange-yellow, a positive, lively colour that is every bit as important to the drawing as the idea of the guitar itself.

La guitarra is a rug made of premium quality wool, painstakingly hand-dyed to achieve the sharpest lines and produced using the hand tufting technique. The drawing is one of Federico García Lorca's favourites and was dedicated to Manuel Torres, a famous singer to whom Federico dedicated the «Viñetas flamencas» in his «Poema del cante jondo».

Special order only
Edition of the original drawing La Guitarra
Hand-dyed wool rug
3.6 kg-m tufted wool
Total 4.8 kg-m
170 x 240 cm

Santa & Cole