• Anders Nørgaard 900 - Series Armchair
  • Anders Nørgaard 900 - Series Armchair
  • Anders Nørgaard 900 - Series Armchair
The classic upholstered armchair is given a new lease of life in Anders Nørgaard’s eye-catching chair series. 900 is an armchair with a high back that combines a simple streamlined appearance with a high degree of comfort and a variety of sitting positions.

The right angles give the chair a simple graphic look and cause the only feature which is not at a right angle �" the slope of the back �" to stand out even more. The simple design of the armchair is emphasised by the elegant metal legs, which incorporate the characteristic discs at the bottom.

910 is the same chair, the only difference being that it has a lower back which lends the model a more discrete but just as distinct appearance. The two models complement each other well as a pair. Finally, there is 905, a footstool which is quite simply the seat of the chair turned upside down. Together with the armchair, the footstool creates a beautiful and appealing semi-circle that signals peace, tranquillity and intimate discussion.

The series incorporates a beech wood frame and the cushions are made of high-quality foam, which come in a variety of different fabrics as well as leather.

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