• Louise Campbell Veryround Armchair
  • Louise Campbell Veryround Armchair
'Veryround' is pleased to announce that it doesn't care much about what other chairs look like." (Louise Campbell)

Signed original. 2 mm thick, steel sheet frame cut by threedimensional laser, varnished for outdoors use, colour white.

"The design is based on the pleasure that can be found in repetition. A single circle is not particularly interesting, but 240 circles, meticulously organised until they form an entire chair, are interesting. Although the chair as a whole appears to be incredibly complex, it is not. It consists simply of two layers, that are identical but for the varying scale. The outer layer - including its pattern - is 20% larger than the inner layer.

The layers blend together on the sides. This creates both volume and strength. The chair, although both space consuming and solid, seems as light as paper. The shadows that land on both the chair and its background are - to the eye - as important as the chair itself. Nothing interrupts the pattern formed by the shadows.

No legs, no joints, none of the details that are normally associated with a chair. There is no front or back. It's basically just a large open bowl in which one is welcome to sit and rock gently sideways.

Louise Campbell, 2006