• Angelo Cusimano Formico Small Armchair
  • Angelo Cusimano Formico Small Armchair
Designed in 1975 by architect Angelo Cusimano as the natural evolution of a series of small armchairs called Le Formiche (‘The Ants’) because of their simplicity and shape, drawn from nature and then transposed to objects of everyday use (back in the historic days when Gufram was making gigantic versions of natural objects as an extreme and artificial representation of reality: ‘Sassi’, ‘Bocca’, ‘Cactus’, ‘Pratone’, etc.).

Only a few exemplars were ever produced, and today’s re-issue is exactly identical to the original.

The simplicity of the design does not detract at all from the visual impact, with the arms as the ant’s antennae while the high back enlarges the chair’s presence, suggesting the name FORMICO, the larger, masculine form of the name given to the smaller armchairs of the same family, Le Formiche.

Angelo Cusimano