• Christina Strand Rex Easy Chair
  • Christina Strand Rex Easy Chair
In 2002, the Association of Danish Furniture Industries selected Christina Strand’s easy chair Rex as winner of the design competition “A chair for the Crown Prince ”.

The materials were deliberately chosen with Crown Prince Frederik in mind: for the competition, the elegant folded shell was made from Danish leached oak. The shell is upholstered with Greenland seal skin and the matt chrome supporting frame rests on an X - for Frederik X. The at once classic and modern chair ensures a high degree of comfort due to the steam-bent shell with its broad, curved back and the lower supporting frame, which has an auto return swivel mechanism.

Rex is also available in lacquered birch and walnut as well as a fully upholstered version. Christina Strand has also designed a table to go with the chair and like its predecessor, it too boasts an X-shaped supporting frame.

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