• Alfonso Fontal Bianca Lamp
In decoration and interior design, we creators aspire to purity but -  what is purity? The sobriety of white? The transparency of glass? The apparent simplicity of harmonic lines?

This time round I have no doubts. The most precious quality, the best guarded secret, the key to style is on show: it is in the heart of Bianca. Once again, Alfonso Fontal takes a step forward; as if it were trompe d´oeil, he is surprising his followers with Bianca, a piece with all the aesthetic value of a sober white opal crystal vase and, at the same time with the intimate and warm feature of a table lamp.

This interpretation of the illumination from an optical illusion makes it possible for the existence of a point of light in shelves, consoles and shelves which otherwise would not allow the harmonious integration of a conventional lamp in their surface. Therefore, with the international launching of Bianca (that is being marketed in two sizes, 60 and 36 centimeters high) MODISS enlarges its catalogue and advances through basically decorative trend. They turn the light into a mere pretext to create works with personality, which can create a personal atmosphere. Models: 2 sobremesas / table lamp  

Alfonso Fontal


Modiss Iluminación