• Piero Lissoni Lakki Bed
  • Piero Lissoni Lakki Bed
The new Lakki bed by Piero Lissoni recalls the style of the great Italian design masters of the Fifties and Sixties. The bed is essential and free of decorations, bringing an atmosphere or rigorous simplicity into the bedroom.

The slim elongated structure is conceptually derived from a deformation of a peg chair. It consists of 4 wooden legs connected at the side by an ultra-thin band, which suspends the mattress 'bedsprings' in space. Thanks to the great height of the support surface, in its upper profile the mattress reaches a considerable height ensuring for Lakki (lakki) the comfort typical of the high beds of the other side of the Atlantic. A padded headboard attenuates the austerity of the shapes, bestowing tactile and visual softness to the product.

Piero Lissoni