• Ronan & Erwan Bourellec Alcove Sofa
  • Ronan & Erwan Bourellec Alcove Sofa
  • Ronan & Erwan Bourellec Alcove Sofa
The word alcove, which is derived from the Arabic term al-qubba, designates a recess in a wall or a secluded niche in a room that is padded for sleeping or sitting. An alcove creates a space for solitude and retreat, with its own ambience and acoustics.

In a similar way, a sofa can also transcend its conventional role as a piece of furniture to become a room within a room. Ronan and Erwan Bourroullec found inspiration in this idea for the development of the Alcove Sofa.

Alcove is more than just a piece of seating furniture. With its exceptionally soft cushions and high, flexible side and back panels, the Alcove Sofa offers shelter and security in a defined space. It creates a private, intimate setting in the midst of daily life. The Bouroullec brothers achieved this by using extremely thin elements for the load-bearing structure (especially in comparison to other sofas), thereby maximising the interior surface area.

The pliant, upholstered side and back panels promote a relaxed, healthy seating posture and quickly impart a feeling of calmness. Soft seat and back cushions invite the sitter to sink deeply into the sofa. . Two people can comfortably sit facing each other, with their backs supported by the side panels, for reading, working, talking or simply relaxation. The Alcove Sofa is like a niche with its own spatial ambience and muted sound levels – a place of tranquillity.

The Alcove Sofa is welcoming and offers shelter. In the office setting, people will enjoy it as a designated space for concentration and refuge.

Due to its high side and back panels, the standard version of the Alcove Sofa has already been described as a piece of furniture that defines a space within a space – offering an ideal place for temporary withdrawal and seclusion. This inviting sofa, which is suited to a wide variety of uses, conveys a feeling of shelter and security.

In the new Alcove Highback Sofa, this characteristic is even more pronounced: The side and back panels have been extended even further, so that they project well beyond the head level of the sitter.

Originally conceived for offices and contract businesses, where it can serve as an intimate 'nesting' area that offers both visual and acoustic protection from the surrounding environment, the Alcove Highback Sofa can also be used in the domestic setting. In the home it is especially effective in large rooms or in visually exposed areas, where it reveals its distinctive advantages. 

Ronan & Erwan Bourellec