• Antonio Citterio Oson S Office Chair
  • Antonio Citterio Oson S Office Chair
  • Antonio Citterio Oson S Office Chair
Oson S. This eye-catching design is attractive and fresh looking. Suitable for offices, studios and in the home.

Oson is a new family of office chairs. It reflects the latest technological developments and introduces a new, organic shape to the workplace. The chair automatically adjusts the backrest tension to accommodate the user's weight and sitting position.

All Oson's functions are clear and intuitive - making it simple to adjust. In fact doing so is fun, as all the levers are soft to touch and easy to find.

The outstanding elements are the aluminium mechanism beneath the seat and the organically shaped backrest frame, which holds the very flexible backrest and links it to the mechanics. Together, they control the synchronized movement of seat and back.

The backrest slides up and down the back frame to set it to the most comfortable position. Oson offers perfect support in all sitting positions, through its synchronised mechanism, seat-depth adjustment, height-adjustable backrest and additional finetuning for precise setting of the backrest tension.

Technical description
Office swivel chairs according to EN 1335 with a synchronized mechanism, can be locked in various positions. Height-adjustable backrest (up to 5 cm), customised lumbar support and seat-depth adjustment (up to 5 cm).

Oson S with covers in Ora (Trevira CS) fabric or in leather. With or without fixed armrests.

Antonio Citterio