• Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
  • Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini HeadLine Office Chair
Product description:
Office swivel chair that conforms to EN 1335/ and bears the Ergonomic Seal.

Synchronising mechanism with individual adjustment of backrest tension. The mechanism, which affords a wide opening angle, can be blocked in the upright sitting position. Two-part backrest structure: the flexible extended back adapts to fit the user and the ”spine“ (aluminium brace) provides due stability.

With or without armrests (height and width can be adjusted) also available with leather covers or with 3D armrests. The standard version comes with a lumbar support, which is height-adjustable to meet the contours of the user�"s back. Seat height and depth are adjustable.

Seat upholstery made of CFC free PU foam on backing, with fabric cover. Seat upholstery cover in ”Skin“.

Base frame in two versions: basic dark plastic or polished die-cast aluminium. Basic dark double castors for hard or soft floors.

With its innovative backrest construction HeadLine supports the shoulders and neck, taking the strain off the spine when leaning backward. The backrest adjusts automatically to a reclining position for work: the upper spine is kept upright and the head optimally supported, meaning the user can relax and work leaning back in the chair.

The automatic positioning of the head in the direction of the screen prevents muscles from tensing. This automatic adjustment happens for all users, irrespective of the size of their bodies. The sychronised mechanism additionally fosters dynamic sitting and provides for harmonious movement in the chair thanks to the individual adjustment of the backrest tension.

The new climate concept consisting of a 3D warp-knitted fabric and the patented Clima seat creates enduring comfort by regulating seat climate.

Backrest structure (2-part):
The flexible ”back’ with the integrated polyamide headrest automatically adjusts to the user and his/her sitting position. The ”spine“, the aluminium brace, delivers the requisite stability and is optionally polished or available with a basic dark powder-coated finish. A lumbar support with 50 mm adjustable range is integrated into the chair to enable adjustment of support in the lumbar section.

The ”back’ is made of CFC-free polyurethane foam upholstery with fabric covers in ”Skin’. ”Skin’ is a 3D warp-knitted fabric that provides great air circulation, optimal springiness and haptic characteristics, thereby ensuring enduring sitting comfort. The removable hood for the headrest can optionally be supplied in black ”Cap’ fabric or in black leather.

The seat plate is made of fibre-glass reinforced polyamide, with seat cover in ”Skin“ fabric. The seat has a patented Clima seat as standard which accelerates the dissipation of moisture between the body and seat for enduring sitting comfort.

Armrests on aluminium supports with large soft polyurethane integral cushioning, optionally with leather covers.

Height and width adjustable. Optional 3D armrests with PU surface the height, width, depth and angle can be adjusted. Armrest cushioning in basic dark (PU) or black (leather). The armrests effectively take the strain off the shoulders. For chairs without armrests the armrest slots have a cover that can be removed to retrofit armrests without tools being required.


Five-star plastic base (fibreglass-reinforced polyamide) in basic dark or five-star polished diecast aluminium base.

Large castors (6 cm) reduce drag and make it easier to roll across thresholds or over cables. Double castors in accordance with EN 12529 in basic dark, with load-controlled braking (for CH/ USA on request without braking).

Hard castors for carpeting (standard) or soft castors for hard floors (on request).

Service and ecology:
The ”spine’ backrest column and the ”back’ with the headrest can be swiftly and easily taken apart without special tools being required. The upholstery covers are stretched over the backrest and the seat upholstery can be smoothly replaced. The headrest ”hood’ can be removed by undoing the press fasteners, washed (fabric version only) or replaced. Armrests can be assembled or taken apart without tools being required by simply turning the dials (can be retrofitted). HeadLine materials: 53% recycled material and 98.5% recyclable.

Seat height 390-510 mm
Seat depth 400-450 mm
Seat width 530 mm
Upper edge of backrest above seat 845 mm
Height of armrests above seat 200-300 mm
Total height 1240-1365 mm
Width upper section (height-adjustable armrests) 725-785 mm
Width upper section (3-D armrests) 615-895 mm
Total depth upper section 650-900 mm
Weight: plastic base, with armrests approx. 18.2 kg


Mario Bellini and Claudio Bellini