• Peter Opsvik HAG Capisco Chair
  • Peter Opsvik HAG Capisco Chair
  • Peter Opsvik HAG Capisco Chair
HAG Capisco is perfect for those of you who like the untraditional. No other work chair is so well adapted to working surfaces with different heights or to height-adjustable worktables. With a HĹG Capisco you can sit equally well forward or sideways, and you have a wide reach. The collection has won several prizes for its unique functions and design.

HÅG Capisco - ’The Saddle Chair’. The design of this chair is based on the dynamic sitting position of the horseman. The chair is ideal for all heights of table.

Peter Opsvik and his colleagues have worked with HÃ…G since 1974, and they have been instrumental in helping develop the principles that HÃ…G bases its business on today.

Do you ever wonder which sitting position is the best? It’s always the next one!

An ergonomic chair is a chair that naturally follows you as you move to the next sitting position. It must obey the minor and major movements of the body and be at rest when the body requires it.

When the chair follows the body it means you can concentrate on your work, at the same time as the body gets the appropriate nourishment for the active muscles. You are moving your entire body without being aware of it.

The seat of the HÃ…G Capisco is made from recycled bumpers and plastic packaging from household waste. The plastic components are labelled by type for at-source-sorting. Both the production process and the choice of materials satisfy the most stringent environmental requirements.

Peter Opsvik