• Antonio Citterio Oson CE Office Chair
  • Antonio Citterio Oson CE Office Chair
  • Antonio Citterio Oson CE Office Chair
Oson CE is the latest model in the Oson Family. Without complicated adjustments, it offers great comfort and the newest technology for ergonomically correct, healthy seating " in any position, even during long work sessions.

The special backrest
A flexible zone in the dorsal area allows the sitter's back to sink in slightly, which causes the spine to lift and straighten.

When the backrest is reclined, the viewing angle adapts to the position of the monitor, so that one can continue to work in a relaxed position.

The construction is rigid in the lumbar zone, providing optimal spinal support.

Technical description
Office swivel chair pursuant to EN 1335/Ergonomics Seal of Approval. Synchronising mechanism with automatic basic setting for the backrest tension combined with synchronised forwards tilt of the seat.

The mechanism can be locked in any position. Additional fine-tuning of the tension is likewise possible. With or without height- (5 cm) and sidewaysangle- adjustable basic dark armrests with soft polyurethane padding.

The standard version has a heightadjustable backrest (5 cm).

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