• Alberto Meda Frametable
  • Alberto Meda Frametable
  • Alberto Meda Frametable
  • Alberto Meda Frametable
Thanks to an invisible mechanism this newly designed, highly flexible, simple to use, folding table is ideal for every indoor area, the home or contract. Lightness, which is one of Alias' main requirements, in this project is to be found in the intrinsic qualities of its aluminium structural top, while it owes its stability to its legs, in diecast aluminium alloy.

Folding table in metal material. The top is in fretted aluminium alloy sheeting and trimmed with glazed and stove enamelled polycarbonate. Legs, tension rods and structure guides are in die-cast aluminium alloy. The runner guide used to fold up the table is in plastic and runs inside a track in extruded aluminium alloy. The table elements are assembled using screws.
The top can have two dimensions: 160x80 cm or 190x95 cm.

Frametable is now available also with a new fixed structure, fitted with a crossbar that joins the two legs and guarantees excellent stability also in the latest versions of the table with wider tops, measuring 240x105 cm and 295x120 cm.
This programme of tables, including folding and non-folding models, also presents the new plastic drawers, a useful accessory that can be attached to the aluminium structure.
The structure is also available in a new choice of colours, coordinated with the expanded range of materials used as table tops: in clear tempered glass, with a bleached oak or wengè veneer, or covered in white, grey or black laminate.

Light-weight, transparent tables, suitable for different uses, in the household or in public environments. These are the tables adding two new proposals to the rich Frametable line: a version with a glass top and one with a passage for power cables.
In the former, the lines continue to be clean and impeccable, with a bearing structure in pressure cast aluminium and a rectangular top, available in different sizes, consisting of a double layer of glass: it is an Omnidecor glass, the DecorFlou, having a satin-treated texture on one side and a mirror polished surface on the other. In addition to enhancing the strength of the top, the double layer makes it possible to select the texture best in keeping with the chosen setting, by turning the top upside down to define different environments. Many colour variants are available, ranging from ice white to grey, black and bronze.

Ideal as a work table, the Frametable version with a passage for power cables has two rectangular holes at the sides of the top, enabling the cables to disappear along the legs and to power, easily and elegantly, the electrical devices rested on the table top.

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