• Hsu-Li Teo and Stefan Kaiser Sticks Room Divider
Sticks is a space divider, and the perfect way to create privacy wherever needed, inside or outside. Sticks come in two lengths and several material options, hiding the sight for curious glances. As there are separate modules, it is possible to let your imagination run away and create your own special place with Sticks.

Sticks is a space divider for indoor and outdoor spaces, such as living rooms, gardens, restaurants, offices, terraces, museums, ... In short for anywhere you want to create a more private place. Sticks inspires you to divide your room optically, without losing the feeling of spaciousness.

W 60 (50) cm
D 30 (25) cm
H 120, 150, 180, 210 cm

Hsu-Li Teo and Stefan Kaiser