• For Use Twist Table
Parallel to the production of items in plastic, Moroso is also researching and using natural materials, including the wood that has become a key feature of the Moroso range on display at the Milan furniture fair. For Use, a group born of the partnership between the young Croatians Sven Jonke and Nikola Radeljkovic and the Austrian Christoph Katzler, designed the Twist table:

A minimalist table whose legs are derived from a rectangular shape that is rotated through 90° in relation to the top to create the sensation that the table has been turned in relation to its vertical axis. The top is a simple, straight square and its surface develops vertically, joined to the legs in a single part, as if it were a single sculpted block. The overall shape is that of a cube and, looking at the table laterally, there is almost the impression of seeing smaller cubes in the empty space, slanting by 90° in relation to the floor surface. Frame and top are in MDF with a white lacquer finish.

90 x 90 x H 74 cm
130 x 130 c H 74 cm

For Use