• James Irvine Box Storage
  • James Irvine Box Storage
Multifunctional storage units, stackable and swivel.

Made of MD 8 mm thick wood fibreboards, coupled together by means of dovetail slots, goffered lacquer in white.

Fully rotating base, in height 7 cm, goffered lacquer in white.
The various elements (base/intermediate or top), all in size 42 cm, are distinguished according to use:

- Media Box:a square unit (42cm), in height 50cm, to hold CD/DVDs and alike. In white lacquer, and backs in grey.
- Office Box: a square unit (42cm) in height 75cm, for office use to hold binders, books, magazines and CDs. In white lacquer, backs alternately in white and grey. The special compartments for CDs can hold 100 CDs.
- Multi Box: a square unit (42cm), in height 75cm, to hold books, CD/DVDs among others. In white lacquer, backs in alternately white and grey. The special compartments for CD/DVDs can hold 120 CDs and 27 DVDs.

on the swivel base you can stack more elements creating configurations in various heights (57, 82, 107, 132 to max.157cm).
You can always stack different kinds of storage units.
Thanks to an innovative coupling system you can install the units choosing the side you like (rotation by 90°); they can also be put upside down (except for the tops), thus creating a variety of configurations.

CD/DVDs holders in Plexiglas in white, yellow and orange.

James Irvine

MDF Italia