• Ingo Strobel 4by8 Storage Units
The family of storage units welcomes a newborn from the hand of Germany’s Ingo Strobel. They are about light stackable aluminum boxes with a glossy finish.

The boxes are fitted with special fasteners so they can also be connected side to side. They will be available in a floor or a wall mounted version. As one gathers from the name, the concept is to ‘propose a part of something larger. A furnishing complement that can expand and meet any spatial needs’ (Ingo Strobel).

 Its great strength lies in a conceptual principle very close to the brilliant one represented by the Endless bookcase by Werner Aisslinger: extreme modularity. Akin to Porro systems in this respect, 4by8 allows users to personalize their own composition depending on the spaces they have to fill. The use of aluminum for this type of furnishing complement is certainly something new for Porro and, more importantly, a strength of the product because it makes its structural lightness all the more evident.

4by8 is presented here in white but will also be available in other glossy finishes from the Porro color palette.

Ingo Strobel