• Philippe Starck M.I.S.S. Cabinet and Screen
  • Philippe Starck M.I.S.S. Cabinet and Screen
The furniture units complete the M.I.S.S. programm allowing its full use.

There are three units; two of them, proposed in the version high or low, can be used in front of upholstered items and the third behind of them, should a projector also be used.

The furniture units, used frontally, are in white lacquered wood. In the high furniture unit, the upper part is used as a screen (the matte white colour was designed specifically for this) or also for hanging a flat TV screen.

The lower part is used to contain equipment for operation of the system (speakers, DVD, VCR etc.) and also, thanks to the considerable space, for more conventional container purposes. The doors are sliding and covered with a special technical fabric, in a single colour of grey, permeable not only to sound but also to infrared rays (the various remote controls therefore work perfectly also with the equipment contained). The fabric can also be removed and dry cleaned.

At the back other compartments are available at the sides and base of the unit. The low furniture unit is identical (only lacks the upper part, used as a screen). The unit which can be positioned behind the upholstered models has top and side panels in wengé.

Simply pressing the centre of the top causes rising of the container beneath which can house a projector. The sides of the top can instead be used as compartments.

All the units, once the appropriate connections have been set up, will no longer have to be moved (apart from when carrying out inspections or checks). They are however suitable for use both when wall-mounted and in the centre of the room.

A special kit, specifically designed, allows wider connection potential to audio and video equipment. The flat, multi-band cable is not live. The range also includes an accessory: a wengé top with an Archimoon Soft lamp by Flos attached.

This item can be used with any upholstered model, although it is particularly useful and convenient for the wide armrest of M.I.S.S. and MISTER.

Philippe Starck