• James Irvine Radar Armchair
  • James Irvine Radar Armchair
  • James Irvine Radar Armchair
The structure rotates on a 4-spoke base in nickeled or graphite varnished metal base and is equipped with an adjustable headrest and an ottoman. The spirit of the piece was best expressed by the designer himself, as follows: "Read a book, watch TV, sip on a gin and tonic, take a quick nap, play space invaders on your portable lap top computer, eat peanuts, spin around, sign an important contract for millions of dollars, chat on the phone, read the paper, contemplate your future, contemplate your past. Take it easy, relaxing in Radar".

Internal frame:
tubulars steel and steel sections

Internal frame upholstery:
Bayfit® flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam (Bayer® ), polyester fibre cover

Seat cushion upholstery:
shaped polyurethane of different density, polyester fibre cover

Support structure:
nickeled varnished steel drawn sections

thermoplastic material

fabric, leather

James Irvine

B&B Italia