• Barber & Osgerby Zero-In Low Table
Zero-In is a beautifully fabricated, metal bodied glass topped table.

The first thing you notice is the apparently thin, seamless ribbon of coloured aluminum that appears to hover slightly off the ground. The second is the low iron, super-clear glass table top that makes objects appear to be floating in mid-air above the void. Finally, looking through the table top it appears that the glass is acting as a concave lens, its sides converging at a greater pitch than expected.

This illusion is actually created by a dual wall construction, acheived by a second ribbon of aluminum welded to the outer skin. These two ribbons of material, combined with the glass top give the table a volume and substance that visually contradicts its apparent lightness.
The formally simple but highly sophisticated design and production techniques combine to form a faultless design classic a beautiful marriage of timeless form and complex engineering.

L 900mm x D 900mm x H 350mm
L 1200mm x D 1200mm x H 400mm

Pressed aluminium, glass

Black/grey, orange, blue/white

Barber & Osgerby

Established & Sons