• Michael Marriott Courier Shelving Cystem
Courier is a flexible flat-pack shelving system with an open and lightweight appearance, which is suitable for both domestic and contract use.

It is designed around two main components: The first is a specially designed ‘L’ section, anodised aluminium extrusion which when used in pairs and fixed back to back form the horizontal surfaces. The top surface of the extrusion has a series of ribs which means that with heavy use, the top of the ribs will become burnished whilst the anodised surfaces remain unscathed. The second component is a steel box-section rectangular frame with crushbent corners which the aluminium shelves are fixed to. The steel frames are supplied in a choice of powder-coated finishes.

Whilst both these components have their own production logic and combination of functions, it is once they are fixed together that the beautifully integrated structure reveals itself.

L2800mm x D320mm x H2000mm

Powder-coated steel, cherry wood, anodized extruded aluminium

Red, cream, brown

Michael Marriott

Established & Sons