Evarist Mora Coliseum Armchair
  • Evarist Mora Coliseum Armchair
  • Evarist Mora Coliseum Armchair
  • Evarist Mora Coliseum Armchair
  • Evarist Mora Coliseum Armchair
Low - backed, Art Déco - inspired chair, distinguished by the geometry of its cubic shapes. A distinctive historical piece that cossets you in elegant comfort. The Coliseum armchair is a re-edition of the model created by Evarist Mora for the VIII Salón del Hogar Moderno in 1942. The exhibition organized by the Foment de les Arts Decoratives was held annually in unusual settings. The 1942 edition took place in the dome of the Coliseum cinema on Barcelona's Gran Vía and featured furniture, domestic accessories and other "avantgarde" designs.

The mid-20th century saw the beginnings of industrial design in Spain, which was drawn magnet-like to functionalism. In Germany the Ulm school, direct heir to the Bauhaus, was at its height. At that same time, Evarist Mora, decorator of well-known shops such as Gonzalo Comella and El Dique Flotante, designed this chair. It is reminiscent of 1920s Art Déco, both in its concept of furniture as an object, drawing its inspiration from geometric abstraction. It embodies craftsmanship rather than mass production.

The Coliseum armchair is a geometric cube that its designer's skill has transformed into a piece of furniture. Fully upholstered, with a wide base and low, slightly inclined back of the same height as the arms, it is a warm, enveloping armchair, ideal for reading, contemplation or conversation. Rather than sitting on legs, the Coliseum sits on the floor on a perfectly square wooden frame, which echoes the geometric theme. Attractive and comfortable, its cubic shape dominates the space around it and produces a great visual impact. The Coliseum chair is especially suitable for conversations in waiting rooms, hotel lobbies or similar settings. Moreover, it is a part of the history of Spanish design that can still be enjoyed in our homes.

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